Hello world!

Hey there, World!

It’s me Red Heart. This is my blog, and it’s mainly about poptropica. My username on poptropica is applesauce1711, and my poptropican is Red Heart. On my blog, I will post walkthroughs of poptropica, stories and costumes.This is me-


Fashionable aren’t I?


About Friendly Dragon AKA Diana P. Winters the Huntress

Call me Friendly Dragon, Diana, Rain (if you know me on neopets/jellyneo) or Pritika! I'm pretty random and stuff and drawing currently fuels me! :D My Bamboo art Tablet loves being weird, but I love it anyway! I've created a bunch of characters, now I need stories. On ST's blog I write a play called Scarlett the Spy *not very regular, though ;_;* Hopefully I'll draw her soon.
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4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Hey! I’d love to be an author, or a coder! I do both pretty well. You may have seen me floating over Vegas, LOL!

  2. Red Heart says:

    I’m glad you’d like to be an author/coder. I don’t know much about coding so I’ll need you to do that that. And we can do walkthroughs and stuff together. 🙂

  3. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Can I join too? I’ve never done this type of thing and I would be THRILLED to try it out!

  4. U should have 4 coders or authors can i be one too?

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