Hey, hey, Heeyyy!

Yes, bad title, I know 😦 So anyway, guess what? The awesome Red Heart mad me, Super Thunder, an author! Yay yay! This is what I look like:

See? Actually, I don’t think I’m holding a candy cane anymore… Well, that’s it!


About Super Thunder

I'm a fourteen year old girl (best friend to Brave Tomato) who's a blogger and will someday be on Broadway. I love Poptropica!
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5 Responses to Hey, hey, Heeyyy!

  1. Can I be author? Im braveluckylightning on the poptropica avatar thingy.

  2. Cheerful Beetle says:

    And Super Thunder, you spelled “made” wrongly by forgetting to put an “E” at the back! 🙂

  3. sup? red heart
    i am from chirec public school
    are u from chirec public school?

  4. Im from elemantry! 😀

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