1 opening for an author!

Well, it’s getting pretty lonely with only two people in the team. I have an opening for a third member. First, you need to have a wordpress account (it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a blog) and an account on Poptropica. Also tell me what you can do on this blog (ideas-stories, costumes, reports, walkthroughs etc.). Tell me your email and poptropica account, and we’re good to go.

But wait- whoever comments first and has all that stuff ^ will get the job. I can however, put you on a list if someone quits or for the fourth member.

Comment below and subscribe too!

Update (by Red Heart) Well, I have filled in two slots instead of one. THe first two people to comment. I’m sure there will be more place soon. everyone who has commented is on my list. Congratulations (am I being vain) Cheerful Beetle and Brave Lightning.


About Friendly Dragon AKA Diana P. Winters the Huntress

Call me Friendly Dragon, Diana, Rain (if you know me on neopets/jellyneo) or Pritika! I'm pretty random and stuff and drawing currently fuels me! :D My Bamboo art Tablet loves being weird, but I love it anyway! I've created a bunch of characters, now I need stories. On ST's blog I write a play called Scarlett the Spy *not very regular, though ;_;* Hopefully I'll draw her soon.
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18 Responses to 1 opening for an author!

  1. Red Heart says:

    Good Luck everyone!

  2. Can I be an author? I’m great at writing! 🙂

  3. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Well . . . Red Heart, it’s kind of disappointing, I don’t have a wordpress account at all, but, I do have a very good reason for being the next author on this awesome blog! I, of course, have a poptropica account. It’s ” Cheerful Beetle ” (But I don’t have to tell you that). My username is “tangwenyu” (that’s actually my real chinese name, tang wen yu), but you can call me a plain and simple “Dorcas” if you want (that’s my Christian name)!
    I can do the the walkthroughs for the islands, since I’ve memorized all the solutions to the islands, so when anyone wants any help, they can have a fast and sappy walkthrough! My email is tang_wen_yu@leadmail.com.sg. Also, I have been continuously praised for my vocabulary and creativity in writing compositions! But I don’t usually use them in emails, since I don’t want to waste any time checking the dictionay! 🙂
    I hope that you will hire me for your committee!
    Yours truly,
    Cheerful Beetle

  4. cheerfulbeetle says:

    And do we have to post what we really look like if we are authors? Or can we just choose the best design that we have?

  5. psophia says:

    Ummmmm, could I go on the list? I have a wordpress acount and my username on poptropica is psophia. I could do stories and ideas.

  6. can i be an author?my username for the avatar is cometthundertooth and my email is bagumbadave@gmail.com i can do ideas

  7. Can I? Plz Im really good at wirting and reading plz double plz!

  8. I do have a wordpress account and I surscribed!

  9. my user is braveluckylightning

  10. its obivious i have an account

  11. Red Heart says:

    I now have four people on my list. The problem is, only one person can get in now (later the others) Well, now, You’ll see soon.

  12. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Or, Red Heart, you can hire more than one of us! It’s OK!

  13. Cheerful Beetle says:

    But I still hope that I will get elected!

  14. Cheerful Beetle says:

    And I just went to check on the “cute girl” post and I noticed the reply you made, Red Heart. Of course, I would simply LOVE to be an author. The only thing is I don’t have a wordpress account. Sorry . . . 😦

  15. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Never mind about the previous thing, Red Heart! I just emailed my username to you. But, in that case, my email address and username is already stated here.

  16. Cheerful Beetle says:

    And another reason for me to be on the team – I’m also great at designing outfits! Remember the “think green” outfit?

  17. Could I please join the team. I am almost done finishing my 14 novel! My name on poptropica is Luptickersnap3. Please let me join!

  18. I have a wordpress account. My name on it is poptropicahomes. please let me be an author!

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