My Valentine Outfit

It’s girly! It’s got a necklace! It’s my Valentine outfit!

Do you like it? If you do, here’s what to wear-

A red dress, flower power, Aphrodite bangs and necklace, The hair from the red beach girl in Mythology Island and Tinkerbell wings. The heart follower and fringe are optional- I always wear the fringe, and I changed from my regular follower just to look extra Valentine-ey

Cheerful Beetle is working on her costumes to post, and so is Brave LIghning. Stay tuned on Red Heart’s Blog *plays music* .


About Friendly Dragon AKA Diana P. Winters the Huntress

Call me Friendly Dragon, Diana, Rain (if you know me on neopets/jellyneo) or Pritika! I'm pretty random and stuff and drawing currently fuels me! :D My Bamboo art Tablet loves being weird, but I love it anyway! I've created a bunch of characters, now I need stories. On ST's blog I write a play called Scarlett the Spy *not very regular, though ;_;* Hopefully I'll draw her soon.
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7 Responses to My Valentine Outfit

  1. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Strangely, Red Heart, I had already created a new design. But when I tried to email it to you, it couldn’t be sent!

  2. Cheerful Beetle says:


  3. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Good news, Red Heart! My email is finally sent!

  4. Cheerful Beetle says:

    And the outfit is really nice, Red Heart!

  5. Its adorablae!!!I just cant get the wings!!!

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