A costume and a background!

Yes, the spring background’s ready, and is as good as the others! Thanks to Super Thunder, you can now enjoy the new look! And, another new look by Cheerful Beetle-

I will be doing outfits for each island and, maybe, guides for matching colors and tips and “tricks” for outfits and designs. The outfit I’m going to write about in this post is the Counterfeit Island Outfit. This is all that you have to do:

1) Get the lips from the Black Widow (either from Counterfeit island or Reality island (depending on whether or not you have completed the island yet)

2)Get the green hat with the bangs from the tour guide in counterfeit island.

3)Dye your hair jet-black (24 carrot or colorizer)

4)Get the shirt and jacket from the fisherman WAY WAY on the left if counterfeit island.

5)Copy the red gingham skirt from either one of the randomized person or from the “Jazz Cafe” in Counterfeit Island

5)Get the cheerleader costume (red) and copy her hair

6)This last part is optional-whether or not you want the candy cane

Now get out there and impress your buddies!

RH- Just a little note: In case you feel like you want direct communication with CB I simply copy and paste the stuff, so it’s basically her post.


About Friendly Dragon AKA Diana P. Winters the Huntress

Call me Friendly Dragon, Diana, Rain (if you know me on neopets/jellyneo) or Pritika! I'm pretty random and stuff and drawing currently fuels me! :D My Bamboo art Tablet loves being weird, but I love it anyway! I've created a bunch of characters, now I need stories. On ST's blog I write a play called Scarlett the Spy *not very regular, though ;_;* Hopefully I'll draw her soon.
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22 Responses to A costume and a background!

  1. Red Heart says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can find that blue jacket with the letters on it?

  2. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Well . . . I get it mostly from other poptropicans. It’s probably from a advertisement long ago.

  3. Cheerful Beetle says:

    And are you on Club Penguin? I recently signed up!

  4. Cheerful Beetle says:

    My penguin’s (non-member) name is “Rainbowcoral”. Cool name, right? I tried to adopt the adorable brown puffle, but after I’ve given it a name, they said that there was an error. Has that ever happened to you before, Red Heart?

  5. Red Heart says:

    I think the Brown puffle is only for members. I wanted a purple one, but the same thing happened! 😦 My penguin’s name is DianaSLake, but I comes out like Diana’s Lake

  6. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Plus, its REALLY strange! ‘Cause at the first two pages of the puffle catalog, they said that ANYONE can adopt them! Plus, I even saw several non-members with the orange puffle!

  7. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Oooh . . . I wish my father would allow me to have membership! “Cause ALL that non-members EVER wear are the card jitsu belts! I wish they have more sensible clothes for non-members too. 😦 . Say, Have you completed the card jitsu quest? I couldn’t beat sensei no matter what! Of course, Sensei IS the computer itself, isn’t it? So the computer knows EVERYTHING that happens in it, that’s why I couldn’t beat Sensei! ‘Cause sensei knows what cards I choose!

  8. Cheerful Beetle says:

    And how many stamps have you earned? I’ve currently earned 24! 🙂

  9. Emo_Sparkle says:

    Hi guys! I got 113 stamps

  10. brave lightning says:

    I hired u REd Hrart at my blog start ya first post! link: laicompany.wordpress.com

  11. brave lightning says:

    I hired u REd Heart at my blog start ya first post! link: laicompany.wordpress.com

  12. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Now I have 41 stamps!

  13. Cheerful Beetle says:

    No . . . 44!

  14. Cheerful Beetle says:

    And I’ve just adopted my first 2 puffles. Peter Puff (blue) and Percy Puff (red)! Nice names?

  15. Cheerful Beetle says:

    And I’ve just adopted my 2 puffles. Peter Puff (blue) and Percy Puff (red)! Nice names?

  16. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Cool name! (Considering that a lily that is blue IS nice!)

  17. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Oops! Wrong email address!

  18. Cheerful Beetle says:


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