Have you known me?!

Of course you have! I’ve been here for a while, but I haven’t posted anything about myself. One thing I love to do is READ. With huge capital letters! Ever heard of Warrior Cats? Little Women? And even the famous “The tale of two Cities” by Charles Dickens? I’ve read them all!!! Another thing that I love to do is to fold “origami” (its my hobby), a japanese craft. I can fold numerous shapes out of my thick instructions book, such as Christmas decorations, animals, or even clothes! I’ve even invented a few of my favorite shapes myself! And did I mention that I can also speak fluent Japanese? 🙂 Contact me at tang_wen_yu@tkps.leadmail.com.sg.

Sayonara! (Goodbye in Japanese)

Cheerful Beetle


About cheerfulbeetle

My poptropican name is "Cheerful Beetle (VERY obvious). I like drawing / sketching and writing. But I especially like reading. I am a great reader and have read numerous number of books such as "The Adventures of Huckberry Finn, Warriors, cat series, and, for entertainment, the A to Z mysteries and the novels by Beverly Clearly (my favorite character is Ramona Quimby).Email me at tang_wen_yu@leadmail.com.sg
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