Princess of the Sea

Princess of the Sea

Don't I look gorgeous?

This is the princess of the sea, a.k.a. Poisedon’s daughter. I made it myself. It features the hair, necklace and the belt form Poisedon himself. The bangs and shirt of the poptropican are from the green lady in the restaurant and the women you see on the left as soon as you arrive at the island respectively. The outfit also requires a mythology surfer (blue). Copy the sunglasses and the skirt. Don’t forget to dye your hair black! 🙂 I really hope you like it! Comment below!


About cheerfulbeetle

My poptropican name is "Cheerful Beetle (VERY obvious). I like drawing / sketching and writing. But I especially like reading. I am a great reader and have read numerous number of books such as "The Adventures of Huckberry Finn, Warriors, cat series, and, for entertainment, the A to Z mysteries and the novels by Beverly Clearly (my favorite character is Ramona Quimby).Email me at
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3 Responses to Princess of the Sea

  1. cheerfulbeetle says:

    Red Heart! Why does the heading turn into my poptropican picture every time I try to comment on this post? Very strange!

  2. Ummm i am daughtar of Poiseidon1

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