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The princess fairy

You like it? I designed it myself! I got the wand from other poptropicans in the common rooms anyways. The pearl necklace can be found on the fancy lady with the glittery black dress. And this outfit must have a prom queen, pop star and  and angel costume. (The side swept hair can be found on Reality TV island, the goth guy). Copy the prom queen’s hair, top and skirt (white), the pop star’s bangs and the angel’s wings. It costs a nifty 225 coins, but its totally worth it! The outfit is definitely satisfying, isn’t it? 🙂 Hope you all like my second design! Comment below to tell me what you think of it!

Red Heart- If you don’t have enough money to buy the angel costume, you can customize the Tinkerbell Wings from someone in the Multiplayer rooms.


About cheerfulbeetle

My poptropican name is "Cheerful Beetle (VERY obvious). I like drawing / sketching and writing. But I especially like reading. I am a great reader and have read numerous number of books such as "The Adventures of Huckberry Finn, Warriors, cat series, and, for entertainment, the A to Z mysteries and the novels by Beverly Clearly (my favorite character is Ramona Quimby).Email me at
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  1. I love this costume. It uses my favourite bangs. Oh, and my favourite character from Beverly Cleary is Ramona too! I spent all of fourth grade trying to read all her books. I managed to, too!

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