To the authors and also the readers

To the authors- Please try to post more often, all of you. Cheerful Beetle is fine. Super Thunder, you are an awesome coder, but do try and post a little more. Brave Lightning/Smiley Kewl please post too.

I’m sorry if I sound rude, but two authors can’t keep up that well.

To the readers- I’m getting frustrated with Spam. 8 spam messages were found in all. I love (x100000) people commenting on my blog, plesase do, but keep it poptropica related, and at least a sentence long. Actually, I’ll make a page of rules. Please check it out.

Thank you. Please do listen to what I have said. Everyone. 😀


About Friendly Dragon AKA Diana P. Winters the Huntress

Call me Friendly Dragon, Diana, Rain (if you know me on neopets/jellyneo) or Pritika! I'm pretty random and stuff and drawing currently fuels me! :D My Bamboo art Tablet loves being weird, but I love it anyway! I've created a bunch of characters, now I need stories. On ST's blog I write a play called Scarlett the Spy *not very regular, though ;_;* Hopefully I'll draw her soon.
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One Response to To the authors and also the readers

  1. Red Heart says:

    Hey lol I am Red Heart as well.. I am on the forums 😛

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