Flower Fairy

The Flower Fairy

He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me . . .

Oh, and by the way. The caption was just to predict whether YOU LIKE THE OUTFIT OR NOT (I hope that’s a yes). (Even if you’re a “she”, he he). Anyways, this was improved from my original idea, the “Princess Fairy”. You need the following, a swan ballerina, pop star (depending on which type of bangs you prefer) and a flower power gold card. I have mentioned where to find the side swept hair in my previous design, Princess Fairy. So as to save time and trouble I wouldn’t want to explain how to gat it all over again, since I will be using it in most of my designs in the future. If you want the bangs from the pop star outfit, buy it. But its really optional, since the curl bangs with the gold ear wings look really good too! Copy the swan ballerina (pink), the dress and the tights. Head over to shark tooth island and copy the flower hair from the tourist and the flower chain from the guy with the grass skirt selling carbonated coconut drinks. Lastly, have your flower power ready and you’re good to go! (Oh, and don’t forget your tinkerbell wings! 🙂 )

Hope to hear from you soon!

Cheerful Beetle

Red Heart- You must be tired to have me put my word in, but you can find the curly bangs with gold earrings on Aphrodite, in Mythology Island, on the beach.


About cheerfulbeetle

My poptropican name is "Cheerful Beetle (VERY obvious). I like drawing / sketching and writing. But I especially like reading. I am a great reader and have read numerous number of books such as "The Adventures of Huckberry Finn, Warriors, cat series, and, for entertainment, the A to Z mysteries and the novels by Beverly Clearly (my favorite character is Ramona Quimby).Email me at tang_wen_yu@leadmail.com.sg
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3 Responses to Flower Fairy

  1. It’s very pretty! I would wear it with my hat. (the Biker’s hat)

  2. Its super cute!Hey by the way I want to be part of your club I check your blog cause you guys have super cute fashions!Brecking news and hillareous stories!!!

  3. Petpet123 says:

    That’s cute. Really love it. (I found this website while I was on google…)

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