New Unknown Island?

Well… apparently. This is the link to the Creators’ blog, where the video is: And I, unfortch, can’t read Japanese. So right now, the new island is unknown. So, for fun, here’s a post from the Black Widow. As if we didn’t know.

Costumizer, engage!

One of the best parts of Poptropica is being able to Costumize most of the outfits that you see other characters wearing. And it’s so easy to use: just click on the Costumizer icon, then click on the character you want to Costumize, and click on the clothing items you want to wear.

We want to know: How often do you use the Costumizer? Take the poll in our sidebar!

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About Super Thunder

I'm a fourteen year old girl (best friend to Brave Tomato) who's a blogger and will someday be on Broadway. I love Poptropica!
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