Oh, nice, I bought the Time Freeze for NOTHING!

Ok, right now, I’m kind of mad at the Creators’. I mean, look at this.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hold it right there!

Have you ever wished you could freeze the action in Poptropica, so that you could read a line of dialogue, or look a little longer at a cool graphic? Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve added a pause button to the upper-lefthand corner of your Poptropica game screen that lets you stop and resume your game at any time by clicking on it. For even faster pausing, you can use the F8 button on your keyboard.Happy pausing!

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Of course, if you had no Time Freeze, you’d be thrilled. But for those of us who actually bought the Time Freeze/have Membership, we’re not the happiest right now.Well actually, I’m a little bit more than unhappy. See, I’m grounded because I “talked back” to a teacher. But that grounding was totally uncalled for.
Teacher: Where’s your homework?
Me: What home… Ohh… The one we were supposed to do last night?
Teacher: Yes. Of course. *holds hand out*
Me: *thinks What was I doing last night?* Oh, you see, funny story, last night, I had things I had to do.
Teacher: Like what?
Me: Like going on a Xat where no one goes on, eating potato chips, and going on Poptropica.
Teacher: Tropi Pop?
Me: *laughing* No! It’s Pop-Trop-eh-Cuh. Poptropica!
Teacher: Well, I’m afraid I’m going to have to put you in detention to do your homework. And I shall be speaking to your parents about this Poppy Trop.
Me: Why? And besides, you’re the English teacher, and you can’t even say Poptropica.
Teacher: Do I look stupid? Are you allowed to speak like this to an authority figure?
Me: Yes. And yes.
Teacher: Are you talking back to me?
Me: Well, yes. You asked me something and I answered.
Anyway, the news about the Time Freeze plus my teacher’s death is aproaching detention, is horrible. Well, not the death part. Anyway…
*jumps into car*

About Super Thunder

I'm a fourteen year old girl (best friend to Brave Tomato) who's a blogger and will someday be on Broadway. I love Poptropica!
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3 Responses to Oh, nice, I bought the Time Freeze for NOTHING!

  1. Scary Catfish says:

    Funny post. 😀 The English teacher couldn’t pronounce Poptropica? Teacher’s death is approaching. XD Yeah at my school since um..some time last year, they banned playing poptropica on school computers since “its not educational”. The librarian was really serious that if we did, we would get a detention and wouldn’t be able to access the computers for the rest of the school year. I remember I made a comic with Dr. Hare coming out of the computer and shooting her with a ray gun that made her a poptropican. Then she got sucked into the computer. XDD

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