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It is a journey… I… must face alone *dramatic music*

Well, Super Thunder left. Both Selina and Cheerful Beetle don’t post much, so I removed them from the blog. It seems I am the only author left. It’s gonna be nice to be a one-girl blog for some time. I’ll … Continue reading

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It’s been a nice ride.

Well, I can’t work on so many blogs, especially when so many of them are about Poptropica. I’m sawwy, bit I’m leaving. It was really awesome working here, and you all rock. I’ll still be on WTR, AH, and my … Continue reading

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Stuck and Shrunk :(

Yeah, I know I can go away any time, but anyway, I’m staying there. Yup. I did the sneak peek and was DEVASTATED when I found out that everytime we tried to continue until where we had stopped, this annoying … Continue reading

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