Island Help!

You come to a stop in an island. What happens now? Well wonder no more! Here are the guides to the Poptropica Islands!

Astro Knights Island~ The kingdom of Arturus has been invaded by aliens and the princess has been kidnapped by the Binary Bard! You must save her, before Binary Bard gets to rule the universe!

24 Carrot Island~ Carrots are dissappearing and the economy run completely by carrots is falling apart! Can you help them? Or will a mysterious villain make all of Poptropica his slaves? Also, note that the name is a pun on karats (you know, gold karats?)

Early Poptropica Island~ The old settlers of Poptropica have lost some of their valuable posessions! Help them get it back!

Reality TV Island~ You enter a town obsessed with watching TV! You need to get intro the Reality TV Show and win to get this Island Medallion.

Shark Tooth Island~A great shark has been scaring the Natives of Shark Tooth Island! Can you save the little boy stranded on the island?


2 Responses to Island Help!

  1. Well i completed 12 out of 20 islands and i need help with theese,Spy,Cryptids,Red dragon,Astro Knites and shrink ray

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