24 Carrot Island Walkthrough

24 Carrot Island seems extremely easy in text, but when navigating through the vents, it does take some time, especially when you are doing it for the first time.

When you enter Main Street, run immediately to the left to go to the Farm. Jump up the porch, window ledges and roof, then stand on top of, or near the chimney, then click near the top, where it will say, Go Down.

Run to the right and get the empty bowl. Then go back up from the fire place (What are we? Santa?) and go to the Carrot King Diner on Main Street. Talk to the waitress and choose the last option. Your bowl is now full of milk.

Go back inside the farm house. Run to the right and you will automatically put the glass bowl down where you left it. Climb up the wire at the end, then run to the left on the top floor into the bathroom.

Click on any tap you like, it doesn’t matter which one, and a cat will spring out of the bath tub. Run behind it and keep on trying to get it go down to the ground floor.

Once it reaches the ground floor, it will go and drink the milk and start following you. Stop at the brown and blue shop called ‘Charlie’s’ and go inside.

Use the last option when you talk to the shopkeeper, and she will get back her cat and will give you a crow bar. Run to the right to the factory.

You need to jump up barrels and a tank to get to the roof of the shorter part of the building, then jump up to the higher roof. and then go onto the boards of the highest window and get the rolled up blue paper. Now jump down to reach a big green pipe opening at the water. Use your crowbar to open it then go inside.

After some tries, you will manage to get pass the platform things which open and close and the big rat etc.

 You need to go up, and you enter a large, dark room. To push and pull all the little round levers, just click and drag. The combination is middle, down, middle. Jump up boxes of carrot to reach a platform on the left, then take a ride on the big red claw like thing which is moving from side to side. Then enter the vent.

This is not really necessary, but you may as well go first to the printing room to turn off the rabbot ears for everyone there and get the password.

If you want to do that, do it, or go directly to the processing room. Get the wire cutters on your way. Go inside the processing room and get zapped by the flying rabbot thingies to the freezing room, or go all the way across there. Your choice.

Click on a grey box with ‘Security System’ engraved on it, and use your wire cutters to cut all the three wires. Go back to processing room and run to the right and um, enter the exit?

You fall down the trap. You need to dodge the giant flattening things and avoid the molten metal, and go to the end, jump on the thin green pipe, get the rabbot ears and exit. Put on your rabbot ears and go inside that exit.

Dr. Hare (The pink rabbit man) will tell you to stop lazing around and activate the rabbot, or something like that, and will go up. Jump up the giant rabbot parts to the platform on the right. Click on the boy there and press the last option. He will say ‘Where?” and turn around, and you need to press the button on the back of his rabbot ears to turn it off.

He will say something, and you need to click on the board in front of the screen. The password is fuzzybunny and the command is launch rabbot. Use the joystick to crash the Rabbot into the planets, and now he is defeated. Follow the boy up a rope which has appeared. Talk to the Mayor (the man in the top hat) and he will give you the island medallion. Yay!


5 Responses to 24 Carrot Island Walkthrough

  1. Hi. What a nice walkthrough. It really uses very good descriptions, and that is what I am looking for. Before I read this, I had already finished 24 Carrot Island, and I just wanted to see it again.


    Adminastrator for Poptropicahomes

  2. Brave Tomato says:

    Pink rabbit man. Lol.

  3. Hey Red Heart- sorry about the walkthrough but….. I acctually never looked at it! Maybe we have a something in common…… bye! 🙂

    Luptickersnap 🙂
    Adminasrtor of Poptropica Homes

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