Early Poptropica Walkthrough

Okay, when you start Poptropica, the best first island to do is Early Poptropica, because it’s so easy, it’ll be done in a couple of minutes.

As soon as you reach the island, go down the manhole right next to you. If you see a goth girl with a skull headband, you know you’re in the right place.

Go all the way down, and avoid the creepy green spider ( just run and jump over it. It’s easy to get past) to get the pixellated pig. Then go back up. Now go all the way right to reach Early Poptropica.

If you want to, you can talk to all the pixel people, or you can simply go down the well, and look around for the glowstick inside, which is around the top left.

Then go back to the manhole and go down to where the spider is. On the left, you see a little entrance. Go inside and you find yourself in a dark room, lighted up by your glow stick. Keep on going around till you get the golden egg. Then go out.

Now go to Poptropica Towers on the left of Main Street. Stand on a window ledge at lowest place of the brown building next to the statue. Jump up window ledges to reach the top, Then jump on the statues head, then to the red building, then jump to the blue building. Climb up the vine over the rooftop resteraunt.

You reach the purple giant, and he takes the golden egg and thanks you etc. then he lifts his club and you can continue. Keep on going past the vegetables and crashed toys and stuff, and get the pixel water bucket, the go get the jet back.

Now go to the water tower near the Soda Pop Shop in Main street and put on the jet pack. Fly up and get the flag. Yay! You now have all the three prized possesions.

Now go to Early poptropica. Talk to the man standing next to the wooden fence and wait for him to get the pig. Then go on to the man next to the well and do the same thing, only this time, you give the water bucket. Finally, go to the man on the tower and talk to him.

When he gets the flag, a ship will dock. Go onboard and talk to the man on the ship. He will give you the island medallion. Congratulations! You completed Early Poptropica!


8 Responses to Early Poptropica Walkthrough

  1. Neat Comet says:

    WOW! You’re lucky to download pictures for the walkthrough! 🙂

    • It’s actually quite easy. All you need to do is press the print screen button on your keyboard ( PrtSc ) and then go to paint and copy it there. Then crop it to whatever you need. Then you can insert it in the walkthrough. 🙂

  2. Cheerful Beetle says:

    Anyways, I can’t find the PrtSc button on MY keyboard.

  3. Red Heart says:

    It should be there somewhere, I have it on the top row of my key board (with f1, f2 etc.)

  4. psophia says:

    Will somebody type psophia in avatar studio and tell me what you think??????????????

  5. psophia says:


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