Reality TV Island Walkthrough

Reality TV is a fun island to play. It is divided in two parts- To get on the Reality TV Show and To win Reality TV.

Part One- Getting There

When you drop into Reality TV Island, the first place you should go is Mike’s Market. You can talk to the red haired girl if you like, but it would be better to go right, to the place with doughnuts. Talk to him. He’ll say that there are less than twenty-four hours left for reality TV to dtart. He’ll run off, but will drop something- a magazine. Run towards it and pick it up.

Now, go outside, then to TV World. Go to any of the TVs ( I recommend the biggest one, right on top) and click on one of the squares on the bottom of the TV frame.

It will turn to an advertisement for Reality TV. After a few seconds, it will say ‘Last chance to be on the show, send to this adress, 123 Star avenue, Hollywood”

You have to see that, otherwise it won’t work.

That's what you'll see and say 😀

After that, examine your magazine and open it. Click on the form to go to Reality TV. Close the magazine.

Now, go to the Lobby of the Motel, all the way left. Click on the mug of red and white pens. You get it for free. Now click on the telephone. You probably saw the advertisement for Pizza in the magazine. Type in 555-PETE (which means 555-7383, though I don’t know how it translates). You will ask for a small cheese pizza. When they ask where, say room 4b.

Go outside the motel office. You will see a lady holding a pizza box (that’s pretty fast service)

When you talk to her, she will say that she forgot the room she had to deliver it to. Offer to take it. She will give it to you. Jump up the stair to room 4b. Click on the door to knock. The door will open.

You will get to see Bucky Lucas!

He’s in a pretty sad state, actually. but he’ll be glad to have that pizza (why doesn’t he pay!) Click on him to talk, and say that you could really use the Grand Prize. he says that money and fame isn’t everything, but he’ll give you a stamp anyway.

Use your stamp on your postcard and write in whatever you like for why you should go there. It doesn’t matter what you write. You can write ‘OMG How can you even ask that. I’m awesome!’ or ‘ueuwbr creirucnowtuiry erybewoui’ or whatever.

So, now, go to post your form there is a letter to the left of TV World. Click to post.

Then the screen will fade and it will say something like ‘The next day’ and you will walk and then jump happily the screen will move o focus on the the roof of the Motel. a helicopter is there! It’s official! You’re going to Reality TV Island!

Part Two- The Contest

Click on the opening of the Helicopter to start the game.

Your opponents and games are chosen randomly. They’re pretty average players, but they CAN win.

There are fourteen games in all. try to win all the games so that you don’t get voted out.

Here are the guides to most of the the games.

Boulder Push

Basically, all you need to do to be in front is keep clicking really fast. Keep on clicking even when it’s counting to start the game. You’ll get ahead.

Coconut Catch

Actually, it’s kinda hard to write a guide for this. Just try to catch most of the cocnuts (especially Bundles of Three)

On the Line

It’s also pretty hard to write a guide for this. Basically, just try to catch the fishes. To go down, click. To go up click while going down. While going up, you’ll need to wait for your hook to be above water again to go down.

Totem Hop

Stay around the middle and keep your mouse over another pole, so once the pole you are on starts shaking, you can click immediately.

Balanced Diet

Just try to keep your pole balanced. keep your mouse close to the center, and a little in the opposite direction of where the dot is.

Water Run

Avoid the boar or whatever it is and try not to lose much water by jumping a lot.

Turtle Shell Toss

Keep your mouse on the second from the top separation on the palm tree in the background, on the leaf closest to you. It will always hit 20.

Mountain Race

You know that row with the faces of all the contestants? Keep your mouse on the second one to the left.

Pole Climb

Probably one of the easiest games in reality TV. Keep you mouse pointing to the another pole, so that as soon as you see a coconut coming down, you can move immediately.


Stay away from the center till the end.

Shot Put

When you click at first, try to have about a 45 degrees angle and the second part as high as possible.

Geyser Guess

It’s impossible to have a guide for this. Just cross your fingers and hope you win. A geyser CAn erupt twice in a row, so be careful!

Hang Glider

Stay at the back but keep your eyes at the front. Wait for the volcanoes to erupt before going on top of them. As you’re at the back, you can avoid the birds easily.


Try not to break anyone’s plate, so they don’t break yours. In the last round, see if anyone has more than you. If they do, only then should you break their plate.

And there you go! All you need to complete Reality TV Island! If you have any special questions, don’t be shy to ask.

You can keep on playing reality TV even after you win. It’s a good way to spend time between the releases of New Islands!


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  1. Prickly Dolphin says:

    Its okay. Thank you for the tips of the challenges though. I needed them

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