Pass the torch?

I haven’t been posting much, have I? Sorry :oops:.?

Well anyway, look at this new video the Creators posted-

I hope you see that….

So if you look at the video, you can see that you are glowing (on fire?) and there seem to be other lighted up bodies too. I can also see a museum in the background and some cafe like buildings with striped awnings. Hmm…. what do you think it could be?

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It is a journey… I… must face alone *dramatic music*

Well, Super Thunder left. Both Selina and Cheerful Beetle don’t post much, so I removed them from the blog. It seems I am the only author left. It’s gonna be nice to be a one-girl blog for some time. I’ll add authors later. I feel like being the only one for some time. Hope you understand.

On happier news, Shrink Ray Island is out for non-members! I’ll start working on the walk-through soon. Also, there is a new Island announced, Mystery Train Island.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Announcing the new Poptropica Island!

You’ve barely had time to get your Shrink on, and already we bring news of your next adventure. The next Poptropica Island will be…
Mystery Train Island! Of course we’ll have lots more information about Mystery Train Island in the days and weeks to come. For now… it’s a mystery!
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I knew it! *shifty look* Of course I did ^^”
Also, I got a new header and Background! Yay! 😀
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It’s been a nice ride.

Well, I can’t work on so many blogs, especially when so many of them are about Poptropica. I’m sawwy, bit I’m leaving. It was really awesome working here, and you all rock. I’ll still be on WTR, AH, and my blog. Bye.

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Stuck and Shrunk :(

Yeah, I know I can go away any time, but anyway, I’m staying there. Yup. I did the sneak peek and was DEVASTATED when I found out that everytime we tried to continue until where we had stopped, this annoying message would pop up. *Sigh*

Guess it's just you and me, pal.

Soo, short walkthrough for the sneak-peek. Go inside the school. Talk to Mr. Silva, the science teacher and the Man and Woman behind him. They talk about someone called C.J.

C.J. is the young scientist who invented the shrink ray. But you probably guessed ^^

They tell you to check for her in their apartment. So go check out their apartment. You apparently let in a little ginger kitty. she runs into the kitchen. Run to her. She runs into the bathroom. Run to her. She then runs out of the house. Don’t go out. Instead, go into the pink bedroom. Click on the microscope.

Read the message and close. A scary man with a hat that covers his eyes and collars that cover his face comes in and shrinks you.

End of story, at least for non-members.

You can go to other Islands by using the toy blimp. Enjoy exploring C.J.’s bedroom if you’re going to stay stuck in there, like me. Bye!

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My Last Will, Written By Monkeys…

I’m sick… D: Really sick. I threw up 7 times. And I was gonna throw up more, but there wasn’t anything left for me to throw up. Anyway, take a loo at this…

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where are my comics?

Some of you have noticed a glitch in the comics section of the Daily Pop. They’re not updating! Our team of trained monkeys is working overtime to fix the issue. We will let you know just as soon as it’s resolved.

avatar image

Well, if monkeys can fix that, maybe they can write my Will in case I throw up my heart or something. Anyway, here it is:
Isabelle Amaya’s Last Will:
To happyzombie or whatever your current name is, I leave you my blog, and the secret candy stash in a purple box under my bed.
To pSophia, I leave you my closet, and everything in it.
To Selina, I leave you my fish tank, and I hope you take care of Goldie, Goldeen, Goldette, Gold, GoldyTheSecond, and GoldyTheThird.
To Brave Tomato, I leave you my bow and arrows, my secrets, my stuffed bunny that I sleep with, and my nightlight.
To Icy Comet, I leave you my money boxes with my money in them, and my lappytop.
To Friendly Dragon, I leave you my iPod, my books, my movies, my Wii, and my hot chocolate.
Anything else will go to The Museum Of Isabelle Amaya, which you guys will make, I trust.
If I die, I wante everyone to wear the brightest colors possible, and to have a party.
Note: This was posted in Super Thunder’s Blog, Icycomet’s Blog, and Friendly Dragon’s Blog, but it was all written by me, so it’s not plagarism.
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Shrink…. SHOOOOOT!

Seriously! You are shrunk….. it’s time to shoot! It’s a pretty easy game! I won a pack of grape popgum (I’m building a popgum collection) and you always seem to hit the car, so you get lots of points and can upgrade pretty easily. Unfortunately, non-members can only get the first two upgrades…. but we can win pretty much all the prizes except the grand prize! As far as I can tell, the upgrades are customizable (eh, they’re okay looking), there are three prizes- the grape gum, crayons which will colour any character (random, NPC, you) the colour you choose from the crayons, and a balloon! Th creators made a post on the game!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Play Shrink Shot now!

Want to get a sneak preview of Shrink Ray Island and win some cool prizes at the same time? Then visit the Poptropica travel map and check out the new “Shrink Shot” game!

The object of the game is to bounce your miniaturized Poptropican around a room, causing as much mayhem as you can to rack up big points. Achieving high scores will earn you bonus powers that will help you score even more points! Can you unlock all of the upgrades and win the grand prize?

Visit Poptropica now to play Shrink Shot!

avatar image

To play this gameto win the prizes, tyopu mainly need luck (and the upgrades)
Okay, that’s pretty much it! Bye!
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Red Dragon Island Online Now!

yup, you heard right! It’s online NOW!

I’ll post the walktrough! Right now, I have an Island to save!

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