Rules and Become an Author

The rules of my blog are-

1. Do not write unrelated or extremely short comments

So, it’s okay to write things like ‘That’s a nice post. I like reading *insert book title here* too’ IF the author’s info says they like that book (or anything like that). Even I wrote that on some post, because of the same reason. Also, try to keep your comments at least a sentence long. But try to keep it (at most) 10 sentences long.

2. Do not write anything rude

Whether you are just cursing the world in general, or someone else, please DO NOT USE RUDE WORDS. And don’t say bad stuff about people. Even if you’ve been commenting for a long time, I will still delete your comment if it has breached the rules.

3. Post comments in the right place

The title pretty much speaks for itself. Look at the first rule, to remember- KEEP YOUR COMMENT RELATED TO THE PAGE/POST. For example, to become an author, post here so I can keep you in mind, but I won’t be accepting authors until I make a post saying I am.

Become an Author *Closed*

If you want to become and author, you will need to tell me

1. Your email

2. Your poptropica username

3. Whether you want to be an author or a coder

If you don’t want to tell your email, that’s okay, I can see it when I check the dashboard.

Thanks πŸ˜€


18 Responses to Rules and Become an Author

  1. Dear RedHeart, I would love to become an author on your blog. But even more I would like if you could come and check out my blog and then join it also.

    My blog address is:

    Please come soon!

    Yours Always,


    .P.S. (You can comment on my blog if you wish, Luptickersnap3.)

    Red Heart- I’m not accepting authors currently, but don’t worry, I have your name on my list, and when it’s your turn, I will add you. i would love to join your blog πŸ™‚

  2. Dear Friendly Dragon,
    I’m interested to serve your blog and I would like to get any space available that’ll lead to your blog shining international or even more further!

    My Details:


    Poptropican Username: priya500

    I’ll take coder or author ( depends on availability)!

  3. All of you can join my blog! Getting lonely with only one person on the team. 😦

    But I would love for you join! πŸ™‚


    Luptickersnap (3) :^)

  4. Brave Tomato/Eliza Williams the Huntress says:

    I would like to apply for your waiting list :).
    Username: 1313cookie
    Author or Coder: Author
    I know you are not accepting at the moment but just think about it next time you open the box, ‘kay?
    RH- I’m not accepting currently, but I’ve put you on my waiting list ^^

  5. Sure you can….. join if ur talking to me!


  6. Perfect Rock says:

    I want to become an author, my pop. username is PerfectRock70, I don’t have an email though. 😦 i’m only 12.

  7. if ur talking to me, my blog, you don’t even need an email! Compleatly fine. But before, you will need to wait for a bit because I have no more space for authors. Sorry! 😦

    – Rebecca .B & Braden .B

  8. popcorn3 says:

    I’d like to become an author. My poptropican username is Bendymoon62. I don’t wan to say my email. I do have a wordpress account.

  9. popcorn3 says:

    my blog adress is

  10. Bendy moon says:

    Hi! Can I become an author please? My poptropican username is Bendymoom62.

  11. Can I become an author(AUTHOR NOT CODER)when there is a space please?

  12. Tiny Penguin says:

    Hey Friendly Dragon!! Can I be an Author?? Here are the info about me:

    My Poptropica Username: Ena253
    My E-mail:

    Thanks!! Oh, and I forgot. How did you change the header design?? I need to change the design for our blog!! ( So, there you go!!

    I hope I got the job. =)

  13. Dani Stars says:

    Friendly Dragon, Can I please be in you blog? My poptropican’s username is Pinkbee30. I’m not saying my email, you’ll see it on the dashboard. I would like to be an author and my blog(if you want to see it) is

  14. iamwildsun says:

    Hi Friendly Dragon! Can I be an Author?
    Username: Chelse1821
    Email Address: (I know it’s weird but I’m really addicted to cream!)
    My blog:

  15. Petpet123/ Speedy Wing says:

    Hi Friendly Dragon! If there’s an opening for author, I’d love to join!

    Username: Musicgirl123106
    Email Address:
    My blog:

  16. Id also would love to be an Author!

  17. Prickly Dolphin says:

    Hey Friendly Dragon. You might know me from Super Thunder’s Blog. I will also like to become an author.
    Username – emma84968
    Character’s Name – Popular Rock
    Email –
    I don’t really have a blog. I think a gravatar account is also a wordpress account (I don’t know)
    Blogs I Work On:
    Poptropica Help Blog
    Super Thunder’s Blog
    Poptropica Secrets
    Favorite Outfits from The Poptropica Store – biker, popstar, rockstar 2, prom queen, fairy queen, rockstar 1 (sometimes), and gamer girl.
    Favorite Gold Cards from The Poptropica Store – lightning staff, electrify, silly streamers, colorizer, multiverse, costume collector, shrink shot, shrink ray gun (sometimes), and balloons.
    I completed every single island, even Game Show Island, but not Skullduggery.
    Thats pretty much about it.

  18. Invisible Club says:

    Me! Invisible Club,

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